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8SMONITORING is an easy to use real time server monitoring software that monitors your server uptime, CPU, RAM, HDD, network, network latency and processes and displays the most important information and performance of each of your servers on a dashboard. It can easily be installed on all major Linux operating systems and once your servers are installed and added in your user interface, you don't even need to login to get real time load stats. In case of any server downtimes, any critical stats or performance issues you will be notified via email immediately.


8SMONITORING will periodically store various system data, like the average CPU load or RAM, HDD and network usage.


Our API-Framework allows you to get all stored server information directly from our databases. Hosting service provider can create custom status pages for there customers or any third party dashboard application. Please have a look on our API-Documentation and API-Demo.


Long-time storage of all collected data so you can easily compare the data any time in your dashboard or get the data directly over our API web service.


We offer a free of charge support ticket system for all customers, as immediate and professional support is the most important to us.

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  • Server & network availability
  • System uptime
  • Operating system, operating system kernel
  • File handles, running processes and Sessions
  • CPU model, count of CPU Cores, CPU clock speed and Total CPU load
  • Network activity, total outgoing and incoming traffic, connections
  • Average system load, current RAM usage, overall disk usage
  • Average load with CPU & Disk IO
  • Detailed view about RAM & SWAP usage
  • Server network latency to Europe, USA & Asia
  • Top processes by resource usage (process, count, cpu, memory, user)
  • Automated email notification in case of performance issues and server downtimes

With our software you can monitor your complete server infrastructure all in one place and you will automatically be notified via email in case of any performance issues and server downtimes.

It is an easy to setup, fast and full responsive web GUI.
You can register a free user account which allows you to monitor up to 10 servers.

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